born in Bad Peterstal/ Black Forest
studies of philosophy and art history at Cologne University
1964 – 1966 studies of acting and directing at Max-Reinhardt-Seminar/ Vienna/ Austria
1966 assistent of Erwin Axer at Wspolczesny Theatre/ Warsaw for 'the investigation' by Peter Weiss

1966 - 1980 actor and director in many different German theatres as e.g. Kammerspiele München, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Neumarkt Theater Zürich, Deutsches Theater Göttingen, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe
co-directing with Eugène Ionesco of 'La Cantatrice Chauve' and 'Jacques ou la soumission' at Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus

translations of theatre plays from English, French, Spanish, Russian and Polish

actor of main parts in theatre and tv – e.g. Jerry O'Cary in Pinkville by George Tabori

1976 – 1978 director of state theatre Schauspiel Kiel as a research on co-partnership with the artistic members of the theatre

1980 – 2013 directing productions in 17 countries and six languages e.g.
The Netherlands/ Amsterdam – Stadsschouwburg world première of „Quai Ouest“/ „Westkaai“
by Bernard-Marie Koltès
Portugal/ Porto – „Leoncio e Lena“ by Büchner
Portugal/ Lisbon – Teatro da Cornucopia „O Parque“ by Botho Strauß – first production of a play by Botho Strauß in Portugal
Chile/ Santiago/ Conception/ Lota/ Puerto Montt -“Balada de los Condenados a sonar“ by Juan Radrigan – world première
Namibia/ Windhoek - „Matutura“/ „There, where I want to be“ world première for the independence-festivities
Portugal/ Lisbon 'Cultural Capital of Europe' 1994/ Teatro da Cornucopia – 'O Jogo das Perguntas'
by Peter Handke - first production in Portugal
Canada/ Montréal - „Le naufrage de Titanic“ by Hans Magnus Enzensberger – world première

1987- 1982 head of theatre at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich – formation of directors
1999 Weimar/ Cultural Capital of Europe/ „Und schwimme ich weiter“/ ein Spiel mit der Kälte
world première / „and I go on swimming“

1998 – 2000 Europe/ Africa/ Latin America - a project on 500 Years of Colonialisme
1 workshops in all countries:„viagem ao centro do circulo“/journey to the centre of the circle“
2 creation of a performance: „Quem come Quem“ / „who eats whom“
theatre project with all Portuguese speaking countries: Portugal/ Angola/ Moçambique/ Cabo Verde/ São Tomé e Principe/ Guinea Bissau/ Brasil (São Paulo e Salvador de Bahia)
1999 São Paulo formation of a theatre group „Luzes na Cidade“ - creation of „A Flor e o Concreto“

2000/2003 „Union der festen Hand“/ 'union of the strong fist' - dramatization of the novel by Erik Reger, 40 presentations with 24 actors and musicians dramatizing four closed industrial areas between steel and coal, among them two sites of world heritage of culture a) „Rammelsberg“/ Goslar and „Welterbe Zollverein“/ Essen

2004/2005 founding of the „fundacja mosty na rzece“/Warsaw and „Brücken im Fluss“ g.e.v./Berlin
2006 Warsaw „Virtualny Most na Wiśle“ with 150 artists from Germany and Poland to memorize
the Warsaw Uprise of 1944

2009 Berlin Trilogy „und dann... die Rechtfertigung der Gewalt“ / „and then... the justification of violence“
part 1: 29th of May - Bebel Square: „und dann... die Rechtfertigung der Gewalt“
part 2: 6th of September – German Historic Museum/Schlüter Hof: „Sehnsucht leben ein Ausnahmezustand“/ „desire to live a state of emergency“
part 3: 2nd of October – RadialsystemV: „Zukunft ohne Grenzen, Zukunft ohne Kriege“/ „future without borders, future without wars“

2010 presentation of the book „a real wars end lies before its beginning“ - Warsaw, Museum of the Warsaw Uprise/ - Berlin, House of World Cultures

2012 europa oculta – ten projects / a poetic question on Europe
2012 europa oculta 1 „Erinnerung an Arbeit“/ „recollection of labour“/ dramatic installation on the history and presence of labour – a multimedia-composition with film, foto, sculpture, installation including 20 Polish and German artists at world heritage Zollverein/ Essen

2013 europa oculta 1b „Pamięć Pracy“/ Silesia/ „recollection of labour“ Silesia
Walcownia Cynku, Szopienice/ Katowice/ Poland

2014 retrospective stephan stroux -
2015 'slade ludzi' -'tracos dos homanos' brazilian-polish foto and film project /Krakow ICC 27 of March// preparation europa oculta II:

2016 'unfinished palace, moving people, floating borders / european songlines' for 'Culture Capital of Europe Wroclaw 2016'
'niedokończony dom, przemieszczający się ludzie, ruchome granice/ european songlines'
exhibitions, installations, concerts, poets readings and dramatizing of the terminus Dworzec Świębodzki Wroclaw focussing on refugees, migration and european identity
...with more than 100 artists such as Olga Tokarczuk, Zbigniew Libera, Marek Raczkowski, European caricaturists /coll. Koos van Weringh, Julia Marcell and frieds, Male Instrumenty, Bente Kahan, Karolina Ossuch, Adam Szczyszczaj, Marta Zięba, Malgorzata Goroll, Teatr Polski, Barbara Nüsse, Peter Franke, Jan Tilman Schade, Ditte Berkeley, Matej Matejka, Aleš Šteger, Matthias Göritz, Thomas Voßbeck, Slawomir Rumiak, Bartos Brothers 'Manifiesta', Borja Soto, Damian Kowaliński, Kimo (Sufi dance), Teatr Zar + Jubilo, João de Sousa, Bastiaan Maris

2017 São Paulo Instituto Tomie Ohtake/ presentation of the book 'traços'
2017 film 'unfinished palace, moving people, floating borders/ european songlines' documentation of the Wroclaw project

Cristiano Mascaro – „São Paulo“ „Luzes da Cidade“ Berlin 2007
Sibylle Bergemann – Cristiano Mascaro „Olhos Cruzados“ - 'crossing views“
„São Paulo“ Pinacoteka, Berlin/ Brasilian Ambassy 2007
Karl-Heinz Stroux100 years 2008
Cristiano Mascaro -Sławomir Rumiak/ Brasil-Poland 2014 – 'crossing views'

„Matutura“– about the independence of Namibia/ ARD - German TV 1990-1992
„Quem come Quem“ / „who eats whom“/ 2001
„Und dann...die Rechtfertigung der Gewalt“ - documentation of the „Berlin Trilogy“/
“and then... the justification of violence“/ 2010
„Union der festen Hand“/ „union of the strong fist“ 2011
„Erinnerung an Arbeit“/ „recollection of labour“2012
„Pamięć Pracy“/ Silesia/ „recollection of labour“ Silesia 2013
„unfinished palace, moving people, floating borders/ european songlines“ - documentation of the Wroclaw project

„Die Salons der Sozialisten“/ Kulturhäuser in der DDR (1994)
„Das wahre Ende des Krieges liegt vor seinem Anfang“ German -Polish anthology (2010)'a real war's end lies before its beginning') polish+german
traces/ traços (2017) /Cristiano Mascaro/ Slawomir Rumiak/ Stephan Stroux - portuguese+english

Czesław Miłosz with Barbara Nüsse (2011)

prizes-special awards
Cuba 1979 „Friend of the Cuban people“
Porto 1980/ Lisbon 1982 best performance of the year Leonce and Lena by Büchner
1996 „Friend of the Woomera Aborigines“
1996 „Friend of Tibet“ by the Dalai Lama
2008 „KRZYZ KAWALERSKI“ order of merit from the Republic of Poland
2013 best production of the year 2013 in Silesia „Pamięć Pracy“/ „recollection of labour“